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JG Series Airflow Dryer

  • JG Series Airflow Dryer
  • JG Series Airflow Dryer
  • JG Series Airflow Dryer
  • JG Series Airflow Dryer

JG Series Airflow Dryer

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    Port: Shanghai,Ningbo,Qingdao

Product Description

Airflow dryer overview:

Airflow dryers, also known as instant and flash dryers, have been used in pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries since the 1960s. Since the establishment of our factory, we have introduced advanced technology at home and abroad to provide high-quality airflow drying equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. For more than ten years, we have continuously improved and developed the following three series of airflow dryers: QG series, FG series, and GFF series.

The working principle of the air dryer:
The airflow dryer can quickly remove moisture (mainly surface moisture) from easily dehydrated granules and powdered materials. In airflow drying, the quality of the dried product is optimally controlled due to the short residence time of the material in the dryer. The wet material enters the intensifier through the screw feeder and is fully mixed with the hot air flow. Under the crushing and propelling of the rapidly rotating hammer, the material is broken into fine particles, which move to the outlet while drying, and finally enter the drying under the wind suction. tube for further uniform drying. The wet and heavy particles that cannot be attracted by the wind continue to be crushed and dried until they can be sucked up by the wind and enter the drying tube.

Application range of air dryer:
Airflow dryer, suitable for drying and dehumidifying powdery materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials, plastics and other industries, such as starch, Fish Meal, salt, distiller's grains, Feed, gluten, plastic resin, mineral powder, coal powder, sugar chlorine Drying of various materials such as acid, A·S·C benzoic acid, 2·3· acid, polychloroacetic acid polypropylene, sodium sulfate, sodium metabisulfite, etc.

Air dryer features

1. The drying strength is high, the equipment investment is low, and the water evaporation capacity can be from 50kgH2O/h-2000kgH2O/h.

2. Short drying time, suitable for heat-sensitive materials, the finished product is not in contact with the outside world, no pollution, and good quality.

3. The equipment is provided as a complete set, and the heat source can be selected by steam heating or supporting the use of coal-fired, oil-fired, gas-fired hot blast stoves, etc.

Maintenance of air dryer:
1. Routine maintenance content: automatic drain valve of filter, machine tower replacement and boosting action, machine operating conditions, inlet pressure, inlet temperature and air flow, moisture indicator, muffler, pressure drop of front and rear filters and other components The situation needs to be checked every day and every shift.

2. Monthly maintenance content: The control air path filter of the airflow dryer, the filter element of the guide filter of the airflow dryer, and the suction filter of the airflow dryer need to be checked every month and replaced in time if there is any problem.

3. Quarterly maintenance content: The dew point status of the front and rear filter elements and the output needs to be checked every quarter, and the parts should be replaced if there is any problem. The safety valve needs to be purged with compressed air quarterly.

4. Daily operation: The operator must operate in strict accordance with the requirements of the product manual, use the equipment correctly, and carry out daily cleaning, lubrication, tightening, anti-corrosion and other maintenance work, so as to keep the equipment clean, excellent performance, safe and reliable.

5. The air dryer has greater adaptability to the selection of heating methods. Users can choose steam, electricity, and hot furnace heating according to their location, and can choose according to the heat-resistant temperature or hot air temperature of the material.

Advantages of air dryer:
1. Save raw materials, the airflow dryer can completely dry the air, save drying raw materials, save manpower, and reduce costs.

2. The airflow dryer can quickly dry the moisture in heat-sensitive materials, instantly drying 95-98% of the moisture, and the drying time is only ten seconds to tens of seconds, especially suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials.

3. The dryer effectively eliminates water droplets on the surface of food, greatly reduces the preparation of labels and packaging, is suitable for assembly line production, and improves the degree of automation of production.

4. The air flow dryer has a wide range of uses. According to the different characteristics of the material, it can also be used in conjunction with the spray drying granulator. It has strong cold resistance and strong material adaptability.

5. The air flow dryer is simple and stable to operate, the equipment is easy to control, and it is easy to realize automatic operation.

6. The airflow dryer is made of high-quality stainless steel and adopts a frequency conversion speed regulation system, which is small in size, compact in structure, stable in operation and high in efficiency.

Precautions for the use of air dryer:

1. Airflow dryers must be inspected and all components lubricated before being put into service.

2. When an air flow dryer is put into service, it must be properly adjusted, with an adequate supply (G 6atm) of high quality steam. Check system pressure and bag. If there is a problem, it needs to be replaced in time.

3. Pay attention to the startup sequence when using it. Before putting into operation, open the steam valve, close the regulating valve, and start the fan. As the temperature of the pipe rises, the valve is gradually adjusted so that it is in the production position. When the temperature in the pipe reaches the standard, the feeder is started. Adjust the feed according to the moisture content of the wet material and the moisture level of the finished product. When the machine is stopped, the sequence is reversed, first stop the feeder, then stop the fan and close the steam valve.

4. Through the temperature adjustment of the production process, the normal gas outlet temperature is high, and the growth rate is slow, and the feeding amount of the feeder is increased to make the gas outlet temperature reach the required temperature. On the other hand, the low gas outlet temperature will affect the moisture content of the dried material, which will reduce the speed of the screw feeder, reduce the amount of feed, and reduce the outlet temperature to the desired temperature.

5. Adjust the operation of the scraper centrifuge so that the moisture content of the wet material is low and stable, and the material is replenished evenly.

6. Pay attention to fire safety and clean the surrounding dust in time. Smoking in the workshop is strictly prohibited. Weld repairs must be stopped and properly fireproofed.

7. When the machine stops in an emergency situation, such as a sudden power failure, the airflow dryer should be cleaned to prevent the dry, hard and wet materials inside the machine from blocking the drying ring gap and drive the machine again. If the system pressure suddenly rises and cannot be eliminated, cut off the power immediately. The operator quickly left the scene to avoid explosion injuries.

JG Series Airflow Dryer is especially suitable for processing wet materials with high moisture content in paste form, and materials that cannot be dried by other air drying methods, such as copolymers of vinyl acetate and vinyl chloride, cellulose acetate flocs, catalysts, CMC, CT -1 Resin, calcined gypsum, electrolytic manganese dioxide, ammonium anthraquinone sulfonate, fluorspar, diatomaceous earth, silica gel catalyst, bone meal, potassium perchlorate sulfoammonium drugs, synthetic resin, activated gluten, activated clay, chemical filter cake , rutile titanium dioxide, sebacic acid, copper sulfate, aluminum sulfate, sodium sulfate, calcium phosphate, phosphate esterified starch, dyes, calcium citrate, slime, clay, clay cement, aluminum hydroxide, barium hydroxide, lactic acid Calcium, food, cyanuric acid, gypsum slurry, lime, biological products, carbon black, calcium carbonate slurry, sludge, organic chemicals, aluminum stearate, iron oxide, organic fuel, Corn Gluten Feed, wet mud, Mica powder, pharmaceuticals, pigments, potassium dichromate pulp, distiller's grain residue, etc.

Air-flow drying can quickly remove moisture (mainly surface water) from easily dehydrated granules and powdery materials. In air-flow drying, due to the short residence time of the material in the dryer, the quality of the dried product is ideally controlled. I The factory-enhanced airflow drying is composed of a set of intensifiers whose speed can be adjusted steplessly on the basic model. The wet material enters the intensifier through the screw feeder and is fully mixed with the hot air flow. , the material is broken into fine particles, which move to the outlet while drying, and then enter the drying tube under the wind suction for further uniform drying. The wet and heavy particles that cannot be attracted by the wind continue to be crushed and dried until they can be sucked into the drying tube.

Griffin Technology Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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 Griffin technology manufacturing Co,. Ltd, a factory with more than ten years experience of professional and technical industrial service. locates in Changzhou city of Jiangsu. Our company has 2 large modern construction machinery manufacturing plant, equipped with whole line of sheet metal bending, laser cutting, automatic polishing, automatic welding, occupies an area of 500,000 square meters. Also we have our own R&D team, which has a number of talents and individual test lab. We are specializing in researching and developing drying machine, such as spray dryer, mesh belt dryer, fluid bed dryer, flash dryer, air stream dryer, vacuum dryer, plate dryer and so on. As auxiliary machines of drying machine, we also supply mixer, granulator, grinder and screener, roller compactor, air flow mixing system and air flow conveyor. With rich experience, we keep leading in design and manufacturing Chinese herbal extract spray dryer, flavouring spray dryer, hydrolyzed protein spray dryer, desiccated coconut drying machine, coconut meat mesh belt dryer, pharmaceutical spray dryer, vegetable and fruit dehydrator (mesh belt dryer), bread crumb fluid bed dryer, enzyme spray dryer, chicken powder production line, seaweeds drying processing line, gelatin production, WDG production line and so on. Based on keeping stable quality of drying, mixing, granulating, crushing and sieving machines, we actively research and develop new product, like roller compactor, airflow conveying and mixing system, vacuum belt dryer, try to supply turnkey projects to our customers.

Company Info

  • Company Name: Griffin Technology Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Representative: wanxingwei
  • Product/Service: Spray Dryer , Fluid Bed , Belt Dryer , Vacuum Dryer , Drying Equipment , Dryer
  • Capital (Million US $): 1170,000RMB
  • Year Established: 2002
  • Total Annual Sales Volume (Million US $): US$10 Million - US$50 Million
  • Export Percentage: 81% - 90%
  • Total Annual Purchase Volume (Million US $): US$5 Million - US$10 Million
  • No. of Production Lines: Above 20
  • No. of R&D Staff: 21 -30 People
  • No. of QC Staff: 51 -60 People
  • OEM Services Provided: yes
  • Factory Size (Sq.meters): 5,000-10,000 square meters
  • Factory Location: 198 Yunhe Road,Xinbei District,Changzhou,China
  • Contact Person: Mr. Frank
  • Tel: 86-17605290094
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